Method & Approach
The greek etymological origins of the word method allude to a path, a route, a way, which for us, is a detailed, critical and exploratory way of thinking and seeing, established over many years of interdisciplinary projects and experimentation.

Our work is primarily about ideas, about thinking creatively and critically. It is informed by a life time of scholarship across a wide range of disciplines.

Avid life-long commitment to reading, both in professional and personal capacities, informs the creative approach of HOT. Broad knowledge of visual culture, art, technology and literature, provide us with the tools for research and the development of critically rigorous and creatively expansive ideas that can be used across a range of platforms and formats, physical and digital. From design, to strategy and creative world-building, all of this work is led by sophisticated, informed storytelling.

Each project is approached through research and understanding of the subject matter, utilising a broad understanding of culture, and rigorous methods for research, supported by continuous learning, training and development, enabling us to offer unique interpretations, sensitive to cultural and social history, which we consider important, for implementing technological changes to society.

Direction and collaboration
We also work with other key technical or creative experts as and if necessary. We create a lot ourselves, from visual and digital design to writing, and film, and we're best when managing projects of complex scope.

Consulting and Education
We have often shared our thoughts and methodology with educational institutions and businesses, through talks and consultation, at the ideas stage, or with implementations and rollout of businesses and brands.

Selected Projects

Both complete works and experiments, thinking never breaks stride.
Check back in as we add more.